Project Management Services

Pre-construction & Construction Management Oversight

King Construction Servies, Inc. brings decades of experience in the construction field, providing the oversight and direction needed to maintain goals and schedules.

Construction Management, Safety, Quality Control

Construction Management requires the General Contractor to have the highest level of knowledge on the project's contract documents. Distribution and maintaining contract documents ensure that all trades are working from a full set of documents.

Coordination of key equipment shop drawings ensures that the electrical subcontractor is given mechanical equipment cut sheets as soon as the review has taken place. This allows the EC to rough in at the beginning of the project instead of waiting until the equipment is installed later in the project.

Safety is truly a by-product of experience and professionalism. When a project is actually managed and is clean, trades can perform their work with no risk and consequently in compliance with OSHA 1926 standards. King Construction and its team will adopt any Client safety standards that exceed OSHA 1926 if necessary. Quality control is an ongoing process from gravel compaction to doorstop installation. King Construction makes good use of the rough-in period with our own inspections, making use of NEBB standards for document and onsight systems and ultimately working in concert with the Commission agent to provide a building that works and exceeds expectations.

Field Operations

King Construction Services establishes and maintains clean and organized job sites that allow efficiency and production from on-site forces. The strictest adherence to installing MEP in the
proper order results in systems that operate as designed, minimize rework and allow finishes to be installed, maximizing quality and longevity of the investment for the Client.

Phasing and Value

King Construction Services will provide accurate estimates and , offer material substitutions based on value, quality and/or availability for review by the design team. Subcontractors will be recruited and retained based on a balance of professionalism, value and ability to perform in a joint occupied facility. A master construction schedule will be prepared that will tie all necessary phases together and maximize onsight production in the most logical and sequential order.


We and our key subcontractors are ideally positioned to start, maintain and possibly improve on the proposed schedule. Please note that a majority of the activities are set up to start after a preceding activity is totally complete. This provides for the opportunity for improvement as the job progresses and or allows for minor impacts from unforeseen conditions that maybe uncovered during demolition and or MEP rough-in.

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